Chris Young & Craig Schofield

This shot of Chris Young on Torker and Craig Schofield on Mongoose has floated around online a few times over the years but is still one of my favorites today coming originally from BMX Action Bike No 2 June/July Issue.

Taken at Redditch, National number 1 and 2 at the time, both Chris and Craig with that Factory look but also a UK vibe to it if you really analyze it. Love it!


CV – Darren Reidy



1983 – 2020

Joyda, Torker, Thruster, MCS, Hyper, Ruption, SE Racing, GT Bicycles, CHASE, GT Bicycles.

4 X National Champion, 2 X British Champion, 4 Time Worlds Finalist, USA Grands National Finalist.

Ian Harrison, Anthony Brennan, Richard Hunt, Corey Tennant, Dylan Clayton, Mark Gleed, CJ Butler, Dale Holmes, Anthony Revell, Jamie Staff, Ian Sharpe, Flemdog, Alan Hill, Sean Field, Darren O’Neill.

Riders looked up to
Tim March, Greg Hill, Nelson Chanady, Geth Shooter, Tom Lynch, Andy Patterson

Racing and Team Manger for GT UK.

Photo Credit
Neill Phillips.

CV – Damon Parkinson


Bay Motors, Coastline BMX, Reebok, Torker, Thruster/GeeTee signs

Years Racing

Stu Diggins, Steve Greaves, Tim Print, Kim Carbutt, Nigel Ramsden, Anthony Meleady, Simon Nuttall, Darren Wood.

Pro – Andy Ruffell, Tim March, Geth Shooter, Tony Holland, Paul Gray, (RIP) Mark Watkins.

Best Results
Regional no 1s, Pontins Open 1st,  Pro National 3.

Best win first ever National at Slough (86) when Darren Wood slipped his pedals on the last straight.

Pete Dawson

Pete Dawson was involved in BMX in the UK right from the start. You may have known him as Dave Dawson’s dad or the team manager of the successful Redline and Patterson Hotshot teams that sponsored the likes of a Geth Shooter, Sarah-Jane Nichols, Tom Lynch and many others to great success. Before that Pete was heavily involved behind-the-scenes.

Of all of the projects Pete was involved in, the building of the Redditch track, one of UK’s first, was one of the most notable. Pete was a great engineer and fabricator and made the first start gate for Redditch. He was a part time journalist who often wrote reports and articles for the early BMX press, BMX News and BMX Weekly. He was always present at Midlands events and was the resident race commentator at Redditch, commentating at the Anglo American Cups and the NBMXA British Championships at Derby.

In 1984 Pete joined Hotshot and worked in sales and taking on the role of team manager to build race teams under the Hotshot, Redline and Patterson brands. Pete loved BMX and had so many friends from those days that always kept in touch through Facebook. In more recent years Pete spent a lot of time building bikes for his son Dave to campaign in national twinshock and classic trials events where he produced some of the best bikes in the UK.

Last week, we sadly lost Pete after a very short and unexpected illness. Our condolences go out to Dave and all the Dawson family.

Picture: Pete on the microphone at the 1982 Anglo American Cup.

1982_Redditch_scannen0038 copy

Hounslow Local – John Oakins


With all of the pandemic, it is pretty cool to see so many people sharing their old images on social media, which really got me thinking more about how many great riders there were in the UK that really were undercover talents and perhaps under the radar not just at racing but riding as well. Here’s an example, John Oakins from Hounslow. John rode for Boogie Racing in the mid 80s and along with his buddy, Rob Jiggins another Hounslow local both had mad skills and could podium and win Nationals. I’ve seen lots of cool shots of John over the years but this one stands out. I seem to remember his bike was always on point as well.

PC: Ian Kimpton