Fat Front Tire UKBMX Zine

Back in the late 80s and early 90s, BMX was going through a tough period industry wise with Magazines and sponsors disappearing as the sport took a drop. Much like in the U.S., the U.K. race scene was still solid without the corporate money it had seen in the early 80s and with many of the media outlets disappearing. Zines and Newsletters started appearing more regularly at the races to ensure everyone got their BMX news fix with coverage put together from the Riders/Clubs and Die-hards themselves. UKBMX started their own, Zines/Magazine, that came out at every National. It changed its name and look over the years but during 1988-89 it was called Fat Front Tire with Clive Gosling and Nevil Hollis putting it together. For sure even today, it’s a great read with Interviews, Race Reports and Bike Tests. Clive & Nevil did a great job.7eMapY0HU8R6ytfDTGTzPTO_zN6Uas69y7XSaiLzHsEHRGQAVSkXnR2epUIDwF5i-RCLY_-WD9g6BKv2ZpEmu03bcs5fd1_S9MC5WjZ9VOVkWxEaP1bAxKzRb-9xDMHxpCZyujCgYMjNRyV21zmPoyFORYcmy8SMXNbyOw1CeD0xH-b0tkjnCcskFrAd3It0KKefzZxPgWegvYxNGieP7evJh6qS

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