Gary Llewellyn

Gary Llewellyn, much like his younger brother Wayne, was super talented and on another level from battling Craig Schofield in both 15 expert & Superclass, to turning Pro mid-season in 1985. Gary had no problem going head-to-head with Ruffell, March, Shooter and co right off the bat. In this shot, Gary leads over King Kong at Wigan for the final 1985 UK BMX National of the year, which featured 800 riders & 120 motos.

PC: BMX Action Bike Magazine

CV – Martin Murray


Titan, UGP, Cyclecraft, Robinson, Powerlite, Haro, Diamondback

Years Racing

Lee Bertram, Peter Holland, Chris Hyde, Scott Beaumont as an Amateur, everyone in Elite.

Masterclas No. 1 1996, World No. 4 1996, Elite National Champion 1999, National 4x Champion 2003

Photo Credit
Neill Phillips

Mike Pardon & Mike Chilvers


Early 80s both Mike Pardon & Mike Chilvers were top riders that you would see regularly in the magazines and in the results in the older age groups. Chilvers riding for Pro-Star and ranked National number 6, didn’t stick around in the sport too long but Mike Pardon on Torker was actually ranked number 2 behind Andy Ruffell and before heading in a successful Freestyle direction riding for the likes of Raleigh and being BMX Bi-Weekly Magazine’s main guy in the mag along with Andy Preston, Mike also came back in the mid 2000s racing & coaching before immigrating to Australia.

PC: Stefan Faulkner